Workplace International

Workplace International

Created 15 years ago, Workplace International was developed by four senior level Human Resources executives from the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology business sector.


The initial and continuing focus of our endeavor is the melding of the highly diverse scientific thought leaders into the pharma / biotech business framework with the end goal of bringing pharma / biotech products to market in the shortest time possible.


To achieve this goal; WI utilizes a variety of ?people" strategies that incorporate the behavioral sciences and organization effectiveness theory.Our processes involve a highly customized design that takes into account the organization's dominant and sub-cultures, the personalities of the organizations leaders, the global nature of the scientific endeavor, the socio-cultural similarities and differences among the workforce and the business objectives of the organization.


Our philosophy is to build on the organizational strengths which already exist and to develop a variety of paths for innovation, for utilizing metrics and to keep employees engaged in the adventure of the business.


While WI started with the bio/pharma sector; we have expanded to the financial services sector and the technology sector. All these sectors have highly skilled and highly educated knowledge workers who represent diverse world views, have different behavioral  standards and management supervision expectations -- yet somehow -- as if by magic --  we get everyone to work effectively together.


While it is not magic to us at WI, we are happy to make it so.


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