Workplace International

About Us

Workplace International is a boutique Human Resources consulting firm. We consult on building and developing the Human Capital which is integral to the success of the Company.  If it is true that people are the only strategic advantage, then it makes sense to leverage that component as much as possible.

How to leverage that Human Capital has been the focus of Workplace International for the past 15 years.

We at Workplace International realized that today's workforce comes into work each day with a variety of values, expectations, experiences and assumptions that some how have to be reconciled with the activities of the workday and the forward movement of the Company.

We also realized that Companies want to move forward more quickly and with a greater sense of urgency in meeting corporate goals and financial targets. With quarterly deadlines, wall street expectations and increasing competition; companies are pressured to perform in shorter time frames. This shorter cycle time reduces the capability of companies to experiment and try innovative ideas in workforce development and technological upgrades.

Companies now require immediate ROI payoff in the investment in people and technology.

Workplace International has proven ROI capability in the investment of people.

Our technologies are based on the best of Psychology and Social Sciences, on corporate research regarding teams, change management and organizational behavior and finally on work re-design and re-engineering processes. Our technologies (or toolkit) cover Human Capital, Knowledge Management and Workflow processes to give all involved a 360 degree or "whole systems" view of the work environment be it local, regional or global.


With regard to projects, Workplace International adapts to scale by using a cadre of colleagues, subject matter experts and project experts. Each person on the project team is affiliated with WI and is contracted for the time and effort needed for the situation per the project plan. This allows us to effectively cost out the project and limit "scope creep".