Workplace International


Workplace International utilizes multiple methodologies to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve / Implement, Control and Sustain organizational change.

From this "Multiple Methodologies Toolkit" we can identify and utilize those specific tools that will give us the most information in the shortest period of time to find an 80% solution to the issue at hand.  The key is to get to a data based decision that will also act as a foundation stone in building a better organization over time.

While we all want to identify and pluck "low hanging fruit" -- we also need to be aware that some branches snap out of reach once the fruit is plucked.

Additionally, we strategize with the client about the toolkit and which tools should be used in the  beginning, middle and end of the effort. A strategy around the use of metrics is also planned out so that key predictive metrics can be identified as early as possible.

As a result of this approach, we view our products as "spinoffs" of the longer term strategic involvement with the client. The sequence of "spinoffs" or "deliverables" is customized for the client and each part builds into a broader story about the issue(s), the employees and the management / leadership group.

  • Employee pop surveys on key issues
  • Leadership & Executive Assessments
  • Employee Engagement Issues: Meeting in a Box
  • Women's Issues: Meeting in a Box
  • Employee Interest Groups:  Meeting in a Box
  • Leadership Conferences on key Organizational Topics: Innovation or Sustainability or the Changing Marketplace
  • Building Talent Pipelines for Scientific and Medical Talent
  • Can Scientists be Business Leaders? / Can Business Leaders learn Science?