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If you are interested in our programs or wish for our help in designing your own customized approach, please send us a note.


All of our materials can be edited and updated with new information from our constantly changing database - it would be no problem to identify information and data relevant to your situation.


We also offer outsourcing support for companies: we provide support to Corporate Diversity Programs by designing multicultural and gender-based events at company locations, notable speakers on relevant issues and support to employee groups looking to interact more with business or marketing issues.


Our creative staff is always looking for a challenge - we would be happy to pick up the gauntlet.


Thank you.

Workplace International recognizes that top/down, bottom/up and side/side communication is key to making the corporation move forward in meeting the strategic goals of the Company.

Our Presentations Program looks at the individual's communication capabilities and the group's interpersonal dynamics as factors in understanding what is really going on in the Company.

Our Presentations Program has several components which are designed as a curriculum for a novice to an expert.


Each Program can be linked together for a series or be a "stand-alone" program for specific audiences.


  • Presentations 101: Managing the fear of public speaking
  • Presentations 102: Communicating your story in a compelling way
  • Presentations 201: Putting WOW! into the storyline
  • Presentations 202: Using influence, persuasion and negotiation with stakeholders
  • Presentations 301: Facilitating the group and getting to a decision
  • Presentations 302: Using presentations to build engagement and commitment to the group's objectives.


More details available on request.