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Our goal is to help companies be successful by building external resources that are available at a moment's notice. By partnering with Workplace International, companies can multiply the effort of internal functions while keeping costs to a minimum.


For example, Build better Diversity candidate slates by outsourcing key talent searches or recruitment campaigns. We can work with your internal or external recruiters on any of the following:

  • We can help build recruitment pipelines at the college and University level OR at the experienced hire level 
  • We can represent your company at college recruitment events, MBA events or publicly held conferences.
  • For the experienced hire, we can create interest by attending key professional association meetings, conventions or sponsored social events that would bring the appropriate audiences to your attention.
  • We also maintain, mailing / contact lists of individuals. These lists can be made available and we can work with your recruitment staff or executive recruiters to identify and pre-qualify individuals for consideration in the candidate pool or candidate slate.


Workplace International can also serve as an adjunct to your Talent Management function. WI has expertise in content areas such as Leadership Development, Succession Planning and Training.

  • We can also offer administrative support in terms of Program Design and Global Delivery, Program registration, Program facilitation, Program materials assembly as well as Coordination of pre-work and post-session follow-up. 
  • We can also identify appropriate Executive Leadership Programs for building capability within senior ranks. WI maintains information on resources based at major business schools, leading vendors and global service providers.